Thousands of people across the world agree to the benefits of Reiki, yet a large-scale scientific research
has yet to back it up. However, there have been multiple studies, researches, and experiments done with
Reiki that demonstrates its healing properties.

In the 1990s, two scientists by the name of Dr. John Zimmerman and Dr. Robert Becker investigated the
changes that take place within the human body while undergoing a Reiki treatment. They found that when
receiver and practitioner go into a meditative state, the brain waves of both persons synchronized. They
also pulsed in union with the Schuman Resonance, another name for the earth’s magnetic field. During a
Reiki treatment, the biomagnetic field of the Reiki practitioner’s hands are enhanced by as much as 1000
times. Dr. Becker and Dr. Zimmerman concluded and established that Reiki is as effective as any other
healing procedure.

Another study by the US National Institute of Health and the US National Library of Medicine determined
if Reiki has any effect on the function of the nervous system. It was found that diastolic blood pressure
and heart rate decreased for those people who received Reiki from a knowledgeable practitioner.
A research experiment was also conducted by the Helfgott Research Institute of the National College of
Naturopathic Medicine. In this study, they found that Reiki practice has an enhanced effect on a person’s
immune system. This was proven by an increase in the number of white blood cells after receiving Reiki,
compared with groups who received no Reiki treatment.

A study conducted by Otelia Bengssten, M.D., found that patients treated with Reiki showed an increase
in hemoglobin and enhanced signs of recovery from various illnesses.
Furthermore, Pamela Miles, a Reiki Master-Teacher practicing in New York, USA, has been working with
medical doctors and researchers to come up with peer-reviewed medical journals and studies.

The above are just examples among many other published studies showing the effect of Reiki on a
receiver or practitioner’s health. The results of these studies are encouragingly positive. With more
scientific research becoming available, we see that, while not a replacement for regular medical
treatment, Reiki is complementary to any other healing method or practice and can absolutely help
improve one’s physical health.